BW412 "Feed Your Organism"

Our skin repair and maintenance products are designed and blended for optimal skin regeneration. As the largest organ of the body, the skin filters everything around us. Raising the importance to "FEED YOUR ORGANISM" properly with earth-bound ingredients and free from added or "fortified" chemicals. May your skin be free from suffering! For more information please visit

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Organic PHILIPPINE Coconut oil

Possibly a world wide favorite food for the skin! We infuse our raw coconut oil with European Roman Chamomile, Sicilian Tangerine and Ginger Root from Sri Lanka to offer effective support in soothing epidermal inflammation. 

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Ultra Premium Skin cream (Dairy Free)

Excellent for the the second phase of healing when the surface begins to "scab". Our ultra premium cream, is a BW412 original blend and allows the epidermis to breath while supporting the regeneration of healthy tissue.


Raw Shea Butter From Ghana Africa

Perfect for maintaining a fresh look to new or old body art. Based with Sri Lankan Ginger Root and Mint, this Shea butter is awesome for keeping the epidermis plush with vitamin E to keep your art investments looking all good!