Endo Essentials by BW412

BW412 has selected the highest quality essential oils for your body, mind & home. Chosen from the origin of their botanical species, our essentials are pure and therapeutic grade. Experience a healthy and safe way to balance your daily essentials. For more varieties and information please visit www.bw412.com

persian lime.jpg

Persian Lime


A top note with a lite and sweet aroma, Supports inner clarity enabling better decision making. 

Lime Essential Oil, like most of the citrus family, can be depended upon for its refreshing and rejuvenating characteristics. 

Color: Greenish
Consistency: Medium


Lavender Bulgaria


A base-middle note with a strong aroma, Eases the mind and supports deep relaxation. 

Lavender encourages compassion and gentleness towards others. Excellent for blending with both Lime and Eucalyptus for a powerful experience.

Color: Clear viscous
Consistency: Light

euc glb.jpg

Eucalyptus Glob.


A top note with an expansive aroma. Typically offers a fresh and clean effect. Excellent expanding the breath.

Eucalyptus Globulous essential oil supports in lifting depressive emotions, eases the mind and restores positive energy. 

Color: Blueish clear
Consistency: Light

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